How to Transition from Winter to Spring

Hello Spring, I missed you…

transition from Winter to Spring

One sure way to transition you from Winter to Spring is to brighten up your neutrals

It’s that time… time to say “hello” to new beginnings in the garden and your home. To bring the outdoors in, add some pop of color and life.

So let’s break down just a few simple steps to help the winter blues go away and bring the sunshine inside.

 with some beautiful pops of color. Right now on the top 2021 colors win is anything blush or teal!

So put the fur prints away, the heavy blankets, and pop in some of that beautiful color. 


update your neutrals to transition from Winter to Spring

It can just be a simple touch here or there with pillows, vases, books, picture frames.

Just a little touch here and there will you take you easily from Winter to Spring.

Add fresh flowers-

 One of my favorite ways to bring Spring into my space is one of the easiest as well, to start your transitioning from winter to spring decor in your home is to add fresh flowers!

This brings life into your space, it brings fragrance and beauty.

Flowers from your own garden are a cheap alternative but even if you have to buy them they are such a happy addition to space and come in all price ranges.

But, if you don’t want to spend money on fresh flowers, there are tons of great faux flowers options too!

And one of my favorite places to find faux flowers is here!

transition from Winter to Spring

– just a little re-arranging can make a big difference.

Move around the chairs in the kitchen, the couch, or a bench seat in the living room. Switch out a bookcase or cabinet.

Bring one or two pieces from a different room into a new space and you will be pleasantly surprised how that area will take on new life.

 The best part is that you are using what you already have! This is an effective way to fall in love with what you already have, save some cash, and find a new way to style your home.

staging from winter to spring

Move a big focal piece of art

 or create a masterpiece by combining a few pieces together. Remember the ‘odds is best ‘rule.

Think about one thing that really stands out.

It can be personal or meaningful, or bright and pretty.

Something that has some shape, it can be tall, it can be wide.

Just think of something that really draws your eye to it, and just sweetly whispers welcome Spring into your home.

transition your decor from winter to spring

Step 5. Add potted greenery. There is just something so beautiful and life-giving about adding this simple little item to your home. It can be on a table, by the stove, on the counter, truly anywhere but something about these little touches says “new beginnings” They instantly give a springy, fresh vibe to the entire room.

 So…I say put them everywhere! 

faux plants to take your from Winter to Spring


 remove all the extra heavy stuff that has gathered in your space.

Put away all the heavy blankets and things that have taken over your room.

Clear your space, open your windows and just breathe deep!

Now, doesn’t that lighter, airy feeling just make you want to smile 🙂


Don’t forget, I love your questions so if you get stuck, need some guidance on this, or any other decluttering, room organization, or home issue I’m here to help!

Happy decorating!



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