The Ultimate Printable Christmas Planner

When I find a great printable planner, I often read through the post, fall in love with it, and decide the planner is just right for me until I get to the end and am told that it costs a bunch of money. I’m not saying that people should give things away for free – if they do the work, they should charge money. I’m just saying that I love a free printable planner!

This Ultimate Christmas Planner is 100% free for you to print! It will make my heart happy knowing that you might have less stress this year and be able to enjoy your Holiday without having to purchase one more thing! No strings attached as long as you download it for personal use.

I love Christmas and all it represents. Remembering the birth of the Savior and time with family and friends! Creating memories that will warm you on a cold day! I’m not going to lie; it used to stress me out trying to do “all the things,” but not anymore. Now, I’m more about being present than buying presents! As our family grows, we have more traditions, and each year can get a little more hectic. We have a lot of the same traditions as other families:

  • Decorating gingerbread houses
  • Baking cookies for Santa
  • A big Christmas dinner


There are so many things we try to do to make Christmas special, Christmas cards and delivering gifts to our neighbors, and then there is all the shopping. All of this can be overwhelming and exhausting. So we need a system to avoid all the extra stress from not having a plan or budget!

Remember, it’s supposed to be a joyful time! Not a time of stressing out about how the holidays will go (which, by the way, is never perfect, and that’s ok!)

So here is my gift to you. It’s a FREE printable Ultimate Christmas Planner; you’ll get 46 pages to keep you organized! (Some examples are in the image above.) Keep them all in a special Christmas 3-ring-binder, add a pencil bag to the front for receipts, coupons, and rebates, and you will be ready to own your Holiday. I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

From my home to yours, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

xoxo ~