Client Reviews:
Haley Eastman
City of Derby Power Hour Presentation
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Rachel spoke at our company Power Hour and was amazing. Here is a review I got from an employee. "Rachel gave us advice for cutting the clutter that can reasonably be implemented. I liked that her suggestions for letting go of keepsakes, etc. were direct, but with kindness because it can be an emotional process." She is so nice and truly has a passion for simplifying peoples life!
YMCA Wellness Partners Program Presentation
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Rachel is so down to earth, relatable and enjoyable to be around. She works with you to make the system work for you! As a presenter for a wellness education session, she gave practical advice and steps. I was so energized that I immediately took action in my home and feel good about the progress I am still making.
Rachel Turner
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Rachel was a professional blessing. I had a room that ended up a junk room after moving, and I got overwhelmed easily when trying to organize it myself. Rachel was on time, friendly, nonjudgmental, and asked questions that made me see things I didn't see. I love my room now and look forward to working with her again. If you're on the fence, just go ahead and book her. She knows what she's doing and you won't be disappointed!
Amanda Cowley
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super helpful and amazing person! did a great job at helping me with my garages!! will use again if needed!
Vickie Nevins
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I most definitely recommend Rachel Murphy | Simplify My Life! To everyone who has ears. Rachel as an organizer has a way of helping others see the solution with happiness rather than the burden of the problem at hand. Rachel as a #speaker, captivates her audience with an authentic approach to life and solutions. You will love her! Since Facebook did not offer a star rating for me to award to you, I will do it myself! Keep smiling sunshine! You are a difference maker. You get 5 sunshine's from me 🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞
Melinda Ann Crager
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Rachel was wonderful helped me design and personalize my new closet being built. Had several awesome suggestions.
Tanya Stull
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Rachel is a delight and she really knows organization. I heard her speak at a women's conference and she had such great tips. she is a wonderful speaker! Would recommend to anyone needing some help with clutter.
Shasta Horn
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I am a licensed Realtor in Wichita and surrounding areas and had a client a few months ago that needed extreme help with organization and declutter. I researched a professional organizer in the area and ran across Rachel Murphy with Simplify My Life. I could seriously go on and on about what a miracle it was to find her but to be short and to the point--- If you or someone you know is in need of help organizing, simplifying or declutter-- Rachel Murphy is your WOMAN!!! She not only makes the job seem effortless, she is a pure pleasure to be around with a heart of gold!
Jennifer Polk
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I was “stuck.” Rachel worked with me to sort through problem areas in my house due to an influx of (emotionally charged) items from my mother’s home. Rachel helped not only with physically removing items from my home, but more importantly by breaking the mental logjam with her good advice and pep talks. Money and time were both well spent. Rachel has contacts for EVERYTHING. Would recommend 💯.
Willa Cooper
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Rachel is the perfect match to your clutter! She can help you decide what you need and don’t need. She can help you in ways you cannot even imagine. And YOU will make every decision! She just guides and teaches. She is wonderful!!
Phil Davis
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Met with Rachel last week about helping my clients organize their kitchens after we install slide outs for them from Slide Out Shelf Solutions. We had a great conversation. I know Rachel will have amazing ideas to make it even simpler for my clients to get to all their kitchen food and gadgets.
Jan Watts Eckles
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Rachel is upbeat and knowledgeable. She quickly put me at ease with a task I just hadn't been able to tackle successfully. She assisted me with recycling, trips to donate and repurposing. I have call her my friend now and enjoy seeing her. Her positive outlook and loving, patient personality take me to a place of calm, rather than overwhelm. Each time I call for HELP, she simplifies the steps so I'm less anxious. She helped me prepare my guest room in 5 hours right before my family came for a funeral and I actually looked forward to having them stay, rather than feeling embarrassed at my mess. I highly recommend Rachel at Simplify My Life.
Kimberly Hope
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Rachel was amazing! She helped organize my office and gave me tips on how to organize other areas of my home. I will use her again and recommend her to friends!
Ahmed Suria
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Rachel did an outstanding job getting our house ready! We were moving across the country with a new baby and many things in transit from different locations. Rachel basically took care of everything, from setting up every room in the house, arranging every shelf, getting all the basics we needed, and also letting us know what else we needed. She was an absolute lifesaver!!!
Shannon Stiles
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Have you ever heard the old saying you don’t know what you don’t know?

Rachel Murphy, with SIMPLIFY MY LIFE, has taught me so many things that I did not know. She is the organizational guru.

When she came to my house I thought I was very well organized (because I knew where everything was and I almost had a place for everything), until her vision became a reality...

Now, I not only have a place for everything, it is also very easily accessible. I am no longer drowning in items I don’t need and in some cases, items I didn’t even want.

I’m not completely finished, but the beautiful thing is Rachel meets you where you are at and she doesn’t push you.

Not only do I recommend Rachel to others, my husband and I have gifted her services to some of our loved ones.

If you are ready to create a wonderful environment for yourself, look no further- you’ve found the perfect company to assist in all your needs! And, you will no longer not know what you need to know!
Susan Brown Sanny
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Rachel is helping me to wade through 40 years worth of stuff. She is compassionate and understanding, empathetic and energizing. She’s made the impossible totally do-able! I am in a new place with everything I need and happy to have accomplished that. We simply could not have done it without her.
Cynthia Wilson
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I had Rachel Murphy out to the house to consult on how best to tackle the neglect from the last four years when we were so busy with our businesses and how to organize downsizing. It was very affordable and worth every penny. I feel a tremendous burden is off my shoulders.
Caitlin Woolard
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Rachel is very professional and personable. She was very knowledgeable on how to organize my hobby room and also gave me tips on how to get started on organizing other parts of my home. She gave me ideas on getting rid of things and why I should. It was a very great experience and I would hire her again to help.