4 Things to Consider When Buying a Rug

Is it time to replace that old rug… or redesigning a space for Fall?

Well here are 4 things to consider before you start looking…


Consideration 1.

Measure!  Then measure again! There is nothing more disappointing (trust me I know)than finding that perfect rug for your space and buying the WRONG size! Just because it looks like it will fit doesn’t mean it will. The pain of rolling it back up, heaving it out to the car… JUST not worth it. So really measure your space!


According to expert, Ben Hyman, co-founder and CEO Revival Rugs you want to make sure that you have considered where you will use it and here is how you get the right measurements every time!

Take the general measurements of a room and reduce the dimensions by 1-2 feet to arrive at an appropriate-sized rug for the space.

Pro tip | use painter’s tape to outline the rug dimensions in its ideal location, then measure the perimeter, and use that as your jumping-off point.  


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Consideration 2.

Identify the material your space needs. Think about how it’s going to be used. It does no good to find the perfect looking rug, to have it ruined in a matter of months because you didn’t consider the way it would actually be used.

Girlfriend, no ones got time or the budget for that.  Need to know what is the best material for your style? Check out this awesome guide that will give you the low-down on your best choice.

…and there are SO many beautiful choices!!!

Consideration 3.

Pile! This is the thickness or density of your rug. Depending on where this will be you want to make sure you pick the right pile. Low pile rugs are going to be your best bet for kitchens and high traffic areas.  High pile are going to be best for your Master Bedroom or plush living room.

* Remember also when you vacuum them to use the right settings on your vacuum. This will help them stay nicer longer!

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Home organizing company Andover

Consideration 4.

Do I really need a rug pad? Well, the simple answer is “Yes”, if you want it to last, you do. It isn’t really about you not slipping and sliding (though that is a good benefit for sure!) It’s really about protecting your rug! Doing what is best for your investment, because a good rug is just that! So give your rug a longer life, and your feet a little more cushion.

Not sure what rug would be best for your space or your style check out this awesome  app  that allows you take a picture of your home and place the rug in the space you are considering.

It’s so much fun to play with and  gives you a great idea before you buy!

Happy shopping!