How-to Style Throw Pillows Like a Pro

Decorating with throw pillows never goes out of style. Year after year, season after season, no matter your style or budget, throw pillows add beauty and flair to any space!

So today lets dive into “how to style throw pillows like a pro” using my top tips, and learn the ‘How-To’s’ of throw pillows.

Step 1. When possible, buy throw pillow covers not throw pillows

Once you have purchased your original throw pillows buying new ones creates a waste of space and money.

Now, what do you do with the old ones? 

By just purchasing covers, that problem goes away. You can now easily reuse the inserts without needing to find more space for storage.

Wash the pillow covers and keep your pillow inserts safe from getting all deformed in the washer and losing their shape during the washing process. Covers also allow you lots of variety for personalization and easy cleaning.

When the new season arrives, no problem; switch out your covers, not the entire pillow!

*organizing tip- Keep all your throw pillow covers together in a tote for easy storage and to change your space quickly!

How to Style Throw Pillows Like a Pro

Step 2. Mix and Match Throw Pillows Like a PRO

Decorative throw pillows add comfort and warmth to any space but they also add color and can bring your space to life. They add your décor style to your spaces. They show people who a you are and help create the feeling your want your home to reflect.

You can toss them anywhere. Your bed, arm chair, sofa, the bench in your mudroom or at the end of you bed. It’s just a simple way to add you the room. Give it that little extra oomph and color.

  • Pair Colors with Complementing Patterns: Pull inspiration from the hues you find in your favorite comforter, blankets, curtains, furniture or art. Pair a solid accent pillows in warm autumn yellow with a statement pillow that features a warm and welcoming floral print for Fall. Or find decorative pillows that will pair beautifully with your favorite throw blanket and bring your space together.
  • Go for Monochrome Look: Choose your favorite monochrome color to use. This will be a one-color pallet that will include going with lighter and darker shades and tones, using different textures, but staying all in the same color. This is a bold statement in any design.
  • Pair Patterns with Patterns Florals and polka dots, stripes and chevron, and more! Your pairing options are truly endless if you know what your doing! This is your opportunity to let your creativity run wild. Just start with your base color and then choose patterns that complement; the trick is to always echo the hue. If you are new to design make it easy by sticking with patterns that are similar in size and experiment as you get more comfortable.

Step 3. Play with Colors and Textures

When it comes to this step, you have so many choices. From applique to linen, silk to velvet. Knits to embroidery. So many options to play with and for you to try. Remember to choose a variety and pair them up for results you will love

How to Style Throw Pillows Like a Pro

Here’s a pro tip – choose a pillow insert two inches larger than your throw pillow cover for a full, plush pillow. For example, an 18- by 18-inch throw pillow cover paired with a 20- by 20-inch pillow insert provides the proper support for watching your favorite show or reading a book.

If you prefer a flatter pillow, you can use the same size, but it will look less finished and not hold its shape as well.

Step 5. Chop, Keep it odd, and Mix it Up

So if you want that lovely finished decorator look, remember the chop! What’s the chop? It is that nice karate chop in the middle of the pillow, so go ahead and chop away! It helps create pillow corners into points that sweep the eye upward so you can highlight a focal point above the furniture and highlight that beautiful piece of art on the wall. 

The steps to create balance with your pillows are pretty simple too. Just use odd numbers. Use just one for an armchair and add a throw blanket over the back to complete a nice cozy, and welcoming space.

Add 3, 5, or 7 to your sofa or bed. By using odd amounts, you create balance.

And last but not least, mix it up!

You have many choices, from bolsters, long rectangles, round cushions, squares, and more!

Remember to vary not only your shapes but also your sizes; this will always provide you with a winning style combination. After all, throw pillows are the stuffed animals of adulthood! LOL

Following these simple steps will have you styling throw pillows like a Pro in no time. 

So have some fun!


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