How to Style a Bed

...you will love falling in to

Do you ever wonder how to style a bed that looks like all the beautiful beds and bedrooms you see in all the various magazines?

Do you spend hours on binge-worthy images you see on Instagram and wonder how they make it all happen?

All that plushness and dreamy-luxury that just makes you want to find good book or take a long delicious nap.

Well, girl, dream of it no-more, with just a few simple style steps you can accomplish the same thing!


Like in a great outfit, it’s all about the LAYERS, and like most things in styling it’s just knowing the right tricks and today I’m going to break it down!

Step 1. Start with White Bedding

WHITE? “Yes”, and here’s why. It gives you the best for building on by adding the right base for layering. And here’s why…

White is going to be the best choice to give you a foundation you can build on.

It’s going to allow you to have tons of versatility and give you endless options so it’s easy to change over and over again.

Think of it like, “your canvas” when your painting; it’s white so you can create you’re dream picture.

You just add elements until you get to that “perfect picture”


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It looks so crisp, creates a calming effect to your entire space, and is so easy to bleach unlike colored sheets.

It’s also so very forgiving if you have a small or big oops, have “littles” with sticky hands, or like me a couple of puppies who believe your bed looks so much better than the $50 ones you bought for them! lol

If any of that happens, it’s no big deal. Just add a little bleach and it’s NEW again, just like magic!

Step 2. Add Color

Add Your Heading Text Here

Now it’s time to bring in your color.

This is where you start build your layers and add you. 

Add color with your blankets, and pillows. And don’t feel like everything has to be “matchey, matchey!

Love earthy options? Think about creams, ivory, and taupe’s.

Do you enjoy more of that “dramatic feel” when you step in your boudoir? Don’t be afraid to go deep ! Go deep navy, vibrant charcoal hues, or strong reds.

Looking for some inspiration go with Sherwin Williams color of the year… it’s EVERGREEN_FOG– a traditional gray-green inspired by Mother Nature!

Remember as you start to pick your pallet this is where you really get to start to build your canvas.

What color makes you smile? Your heart sing?




 And if  you are anything like me and like to have some kind of change each season this is such an easy, inexpensive way to decorate and make your bedroom “POP” with style and transition your home into each season, and without much work to boot! 🙂

Step 3. Play with Patterns

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This is the step where you get to really incorporate your personality, your style.

This is where the “fun and magic of styling starts to happen as it all comes together.

Now, is the time to quiet those voices that say you have keep it all the same.

So, don’t be afraid to let the child hiding inside of you out! 

Mix and match your colors, and patterns in your bed sheets, blankets, pillows, wall décor, and floor.

Just make sure all the elements of your decorations work well with one another to create a bedroom that is all YOU and that you will love being in!

 Of all the steps this is by far the most important!

Looking good isn’t going to matter if it doesn’t FEEL GOOD!

Remember, this is the place where nightly you will lay down your head. and allow your body to heal, re-energize, and get ready for a new day!

So, if you’re going to splurge in any room of your home this is the place to start. Your comfort needs to be a top priority!

This is where you must stick to the number one rule- COMFORT over STYLE!

It doesn’t mean you can’t have both, you surely can especially if you start with your first layer that touches you the most…your sheets.

A few extra dollars are wisely spent and one you will never regret!

So think about purchasing  high-quality bedding that will not irritate your skin.

Some of the most preferred materials for bed linens and sheets include cotton and bamboo fabrics.

My favorite is from bollandbranch

Each night I crawl into my bed I know I made the right choice, because a great nights sleep can’t be beat!

Personally , knowing that I am making a smaller foot-print on Mother Earth by choosing these sheets helps too!
Boll & Branch uses 100 percent GOTS certified organic cotton, ethically sourced from farmers in India.

(In fact, the company became the first Fair Trade Certified manufacturer of linens.)

 Which means farmers are paid fair premiums, and production uses 90 percent less water than traditional cotton, and instead of shipping my sheets by air  the team opts for shipping on the high seas, which means less overall emissions.   To date: 21,252 metric tons of carbon emissions have been saved by this one simple choice!

Just knowing that helps me sleep better. 

It’s truly the little things that make all the difference!

If you would like to know about their mission statement you can read that here!

"Because better choices means a better night's sleep


So, there you go- 4 simple steps we can take to style, create and decorate our own dreamy space.

Until next time lovely, xoxo

Happy styling & dreaming-


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