5 Ways To Know Your Decorating Style

Have you ever wondered about your interior design style?

 Even with an arsenal of Instagram and Pinterest images at the ready, it can still feel difficult and sometimes overwhelming to describe exactly what you like about a room, or even what style it is.

Or what it is you like about it.

That’s the first step in decorating any space (on a budget or otherwise,) first, know what you like and your “why.”

The “why” is really the most important step, this is your space. The place you return to after a long day, so you don’t want to just like it, you want to love it!

So here are 5 easy steps to help you figure out if you are more traditional, farmhouse, contemporary, shabby-chic, eclectic and the list goes on…

 And don’t worry if you are drawn to more than one. Most of us are and these quick tips should help you narrow your personal style down. 

So let’s start…

Step 1.

Look for inspiration! What are you drawn to? Look at magazines and watch what you come back to time and time again. Do you walk into a friend’s house and feel like you are already home? Our style really will call out to us, if we pay attention. So tear out those magazine pages, pin those pins and see what makes you feel most at ease and happy.

Are you drawn to butcher block counters? Do you like the grays and neutrals?

Do words on the walls and simple touches make you smile?

Do you go crazy over a little buffalo check?

So you like the deep apron sinks and it is  tax-return time, right? lol (though pricey… a cheaper option is at IKEA so check them out)

You might be all about the “Farmhouse” style.

Home organizing company Andover
Home organizing company Andover

Step 2.

Look in your closet, yep that’s right, your closet! Why you ask, because we tend to surround ourselves with the colors we love. That make us feel beautiful and make our souls light. And knowing the color pallet and textures you are most drawn to, that makes you most comfortable is a big key to learning your style.  One example of this is from my Insta friend, Debi through-out her entire home and wardrobe she has warm blues, pinks, and whites. Her style is refined, and easy.

And ohhhh, so beautiful…

If you’re like Debi, a bit of traditional and contemporary you like things to be calm in color, predictable with a touch of warmth, your furnishing is classic, but that doesn’t mean they need to be dated.  You like clean lines, simplicity at its finest with just a touch of you here and there.

Need some more inspo to see if this is your style go check out her page! I promise you will love it and find some great recipes to boot!

Step 3.

Take an online quiz! There are many online quizzes out there to help you figure out your style. I recommend if you go this route, take several. What can it hurt? And when the results start to match you know … ding, ding “you have a winner!”   Besides what a fun way to spend a little bit of time. And there are lots to chose from.

Here are a couple for you to start with…

Havenly is one I really enjoyed because not only did it give me my main style but also my sub-style categories and then a breakdown of why, and what I need to look for. Talk about simple! 🙂

And the one from  HGTV not only gave me my style but a drink recipe to go with it! Cheers to style!

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Step 4.

Pay attention to the exterior of homes as well.

We don’t just fall in love with the inside.

We love the outside too. So as you are figuring out your style what draws you in? 

Do you enjoy clean lines?

Are you drawn to metal, glass, and steel?

Muted colors? Then your style is likely Modern.

You love simplicity in every element of your space. Including your furniture.

Step 5.

Take inventory of what you already love, what’s actually in your space. That’s right whether you know it or not, you have already started to define your style.  When you are in your space what do you see that really speaks to your soul? Bring you the most joy. What would you replace right now if you could? Make a list, what fits together?  Where are your commonalities? Go through each space. Now, you have a list of where you already are, and what you want to spend that “tax-refund” on. Keep this list handy so you only buy what you really need, and love what you buy!  

Do you see that you’re a bit like “Donny and Marie?” A little bit of this and a little bit of that? (Boy, did I just date myself… lol) Well if that’s what your above list showed you, and it’s because that is what speaks to your soul, you might be eclectic and you love all the things! So celebrate that you aren’t like anyone else and check out the link for how to bring this style all together!

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Well, lovely, I hope this little guide helped you on your way to figure out just the style that makes you the most happy. And if it isn’t listed here, maybe you are Boho, or Minimalist or one of the other lovely styles that make us all who we are. No worries. GO check out the quizzes and soon you will have your style down to a “T”! The great thing to remember is just knowing your  “main” style will help with colors, patterns and simple things you can do to bring that style into  your life and your home!

So, I hope you found this helpful and can’t wait to see what you do in your space, so if your on Insta, tag me when you share your pics. I can’t wait to see what you do!

P.S. Now, that you know your style… or at least have a hint to it check out my blog post on the 4 things you can do to make your big changes in your space without spending a fortune! 🙂


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