Easter Egg Fillers- Experiences Not Things

Have your ever considered... making your Easter egg fillers experiences not things?

Easter egg fillers-experiences not things


It’s a major WIN when we can stop the influx of more “stuff” into our kids lives and our own?

Not, to mention slowing down the cavities?

But, I have a few suggestions that I think that might bring you closer together, slow down your time and create some really great memories in the process?

If this sounds like something you might like to know more about join me as we “hop” on a down this list for just a few ideas to consider to ease the clutter and instead create memories you will enjoy for years to come.


Idea 1. Homemade coupons are a great way to fill your Easter eggs with experiences

– Do you remember making these for mom for Mothers Day when you were younger? The one that said,

“clean my room, or make my bed” or “take out the trash.”

I know when I was young; this was a way I knew I could do something for my mom without having to make money. 

I was always so proud to give her my little handmade book.

So it worked then, why not do this for the kiddo’s now.

Here are some Easter egg filler experiences to consider…

Easter egg fillers-experiences not things
  • Movie Time- if the theaters aren’t open no problem- let the kids pick the movie, make a special treat with them and sit back and enjoy. (no cell phones this is their time, and your time to bond!)

  • Picnic at the Park– pack a favorite lunch of things that are easy, grab a blanket and favorite book and head to the park to spend the day in some sunshine.

  • Go on bike ride– take some time to get out in the fresh air and go ride to somewhere special. Make a day of it with lunch out.

  • Baking day– find a recipe together with your little and make a baking day happen. Nothing like making memories in the kitchen.

  • Craft Day– need some inspo? Hop on Pinterest and find a special craft you can do together. Put some googly eyes in the egg with the coupon.

  • Make an ice-cream treat together– there is nothing quite so sweet as sharing a ice cream cone with someone you love on a sunny day!

  • Pizza Party- where everyone makes their own favorite pizza. You provide the toppings and they design their pizza. So yummy!

Truly, there are so many fun little things you can do to make coupons such a great choice for experiences and not more stuff, so be creative and think of some great things you can do together.


Idea 2. Passes to some places you want to go this Summer is a sure win for your Easter egg fillers

This is a major win because you will doing things together and giving your kids something to look forward to.

experiences not things
  • Zoo passes are always a great one, my grandson gets these every year and Pre-Covid he went to the Zoo over 70 times in one year. This is a way to get the kids out in the sunshine when the “boredom blues’ sets in. Gives everyone some great exercise and some great opportunities to support our local zoos.

  • Museum passes have a great place called Exploration Place. It a wonderful place to let kids be kids and it’s set up for all ages. From toddlers to teens. And most cities have places like this. Buy a family pass and use it all year long. Or a day pass for a special adventure out.

  • Swimming passes planning on buying a pool pass for the kiddo’s anyway? Nows, the time to do it. There are special prices you can get by buying early so put in that pass to the community swimming pool or splash park.  Again, your choices here are endless.

    It can be to any amusement park big or small you plan to go to.



No reason not to give your kids something to look forward to once summer get here. 🙂

Idea 3. Garden seeds

OK, I know this one might be pushing it a bit, but hear me out. There really is great promise and opportunity in this one!

There is nothing so cool for a kid to watch then something they helped create.

So buy their favorite veggie, fruit or flowers and together build a little garden bed where you can help these little seeds grow.

When you child eats, or picks that thing he/she helped grow the pride you will see in them is worth it.

You are also teaching your child how to love Mother Nature, how things work, patience, and how to live a more sustainable life.

experiences not things

NOW, tell me that’s not a WIN!

The point is if we think outside the box we really can make our Holidays about so much more than the stuff.

We can make them growing, learning, time together and bring a lot less un-needed stuff into our lives.

Now, this doesn’t mean forget all about the chocolate, or the peeps.

(I love the chocolate!)

Just maybe cut back, use your imagination and take some time to really make this holiday count by giving you and your little ones some time together!

Hoppy Easter!

Blessing & Best,


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