Client Reviews:
♦ Do you have a craft or hobby that you can’t enjoy because it has taken over?
♦ Are you scared to open your closets for fear that everything will come falling out?
♦ Has your attic, basement, or garage become a “dumping ground?”
♦ Are you unable to find important documents when you really need them?
♦ Don’t let the kids’ friends over because of what you fear they will say?
♦ Do you frequently feel like you just can’t keep it all together?
♦ Are you embarrassed to have your friends or family over to the house?
♦ Are you moving from a larger home into a retirement home, a facility or downsizing?
I am here to be your mentor, guide, coach and cheerleader.
I will teach and help train you along the way.
I will give you the tools you need to be successful against clutter and disorganization.
I do not come into your space and take over.  Sometimes the challenges of de-cluttering is a very emotional one and I am here to help facilitate with your decision making and prioritizing and will do so with gentle encouragement and calm reassurance to ease you through each task.
Together we will create systems and routines that WILL allow you to achieve goals and stay organized.  Also please know I am not here to judge.
All information will be confidential between me and my clients.  I am not here to make you feel worse about the situation.


I am here to help you LET GO AND FIND THE JOY
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