Repurposing -Creating Your Kitchen Herb Garden

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 Repurpose what you already have to grow your own herb garden with these simple steps….so you can enjoy  fresh homegrown herbs ready for your daily salad, a delicious cup of fresh squeezed lemonade or even your favorite soup?

How lovely does that sound?

Well, it’s so easy to do and you already have many things you can repurpose  and grow your own herb garden today from old wood repurpsed for a box, to cleaned out cans from your recycling bin, or a  wonderful mason jar.

 All of these items allow you have just what you need to repurpose and grow our own fresh herbs right in your Kitchen.

Home organizing company Andover

And the growing season has just begun, so it’s the perfect time to head to your favorite sustainability store, farmers market

or garden nursery to pick out your favorites!

From lavender, to rosemary, thyme to basil, sage to mint. There are so many choices right now. So lets talk about the basics of what you need.


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a great example of recycled containers! 🙂

Just make sure that whatever you pick has room to create some good drainage.

This is easy to do just add a thick layer of rocks to the bottom of your container.

This allow the water to have  room to drain away from your roots.

Remember * Water your herbs in the early morning if possible; the water will soak further into the soil, without evaporation being an issue.

Always water the soil around the herbs—never water over the leaves, it promotes mildew and disease to your plants.


Second step- Planting. Use a potting soil instead of just a top soil: it already has many of the extra nutrients in it your little plants need to start it off right.

I personally use soil from my garden from the year before because I know whats in it and I’ve worked hard on creating the perfect soil with my “Garden of Eden” garden. But if your starting from scratch a good place to start is with something from your local garden center.


Third step- Labels-as a Professional Organizer I am a lover of all things labeled but if your new with herbs this is a must!

Nothing worse than putting the wrong herb in your lemonade!

(I speak from experience!) yuck!

From chalk markers, to paint pens, and plant markers as well. These are all great because if you switch something out… easy peasy… just erase and write the new herb in it’s place.

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You can also buy them already made and looking farmhouse perfect!

Fourth step- Make sure they get direct sunlight. .

It’s also a good a idea to rotate them if possible.

Being inside it takes a little more effort for the sun to reach them so try to make sure they get four hours of good light a day!

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Step 5- A great recipe for the future!

Now, that you have all this deliciousness growing in your kitchen you need a couple of great inspiring dishes to enjoy. 

So here are 3 to get you started.

A fresh homemade pizza, a Basil pesto and a refreshing lemonade!

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Margherita Pizza
Home organizing company Andover
Basil Pesto
Home organizing company Andover
Mint Lemonade

Happy Growing & Cooking!


Home organizing company Andover

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