5 Things to Declutter Today

Well, lovely Spring is here, and it's time to start spring cleaning

So here’s 5 things to declutter today that will not only change your physical space but your mental space as well.


 Magazines are definetly on my 5 to declutter as they pile up fast!

It’s OK to let these go, even if you haven’t read them.

If they are more than a couple months old the truth is you’re not really going to make the time for them.

So let them go.

IF there really is some thing you want to read set the timer for 5 mins and read it, or tear it out.


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But get those dust collectors out of you space.


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 Now, I know in almost every home I go into there is a pile of these long lost socks waiting for their mate. 

So they are also are at the top of my list in the 5 things to declutter.

If you are holding on to lost socks for more than 2-weeks or through 2 complete washing cycles

(meaning all the laundry has been finished twice)

and you haven’t found them it’s time to let them go or add them to your rag pile. 

Truth is socks are so easy to replace for all the time we spend looking for lost mates!



 Nothing worse than trying to take a quick note and grabbing a non-working pen.

But then instead of throwing it out we put it back thinking maybe next time.

Please stop doing this.

Let it go!

Set a timer for 5 mins grab some paper and scribble away.

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Throw out anything that doesn’t work or leaves ink all over your fingers.

CD's| DVD's | VHS's -

So if these are taking up your space it’s time to declutter, or at least downsize your collection.

IF you need to pick out your favorites but take the others to the local library or do a fun DIY project with them.

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Unless you are collector you are giving a lot of space to an item that you probably haven’t touched in months, if not years.

This use to be the way we entertained ourselves but with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Spotify etc…

at our finger tips we can watch or listen to pretty much anything we want with a click of the button


With warmer weather upon us, now is a good time to look at your mug and water bottle collection and really ask yourself how many do you need?

Think about which ones you really gravitate towards and which ones just take up space.

Were they FREE so they found a place in your home?

Something someone gifted you so you felt you had to keep it?

Let me let you in on a little secret, the gift is in the receiving and and giving not the keeping the item forever.

If it doesn’t bring you joy, if it doesn’t make it’s self useful,needful in your life. It’s ok to let it go!


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NO GUILT needed.

Well there you go lovely, a few things to just let go this weekend, and help you on your simplifying journey!

Happy Decluttering


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