5 Styling Elements You Need

...for any flat surface

When it comes to most things, achieving success is just knowing the basics and using them over and over again… so today let’s discuss the 5 styling  elements you need for any flat surface. These basics are something you can use time and time again!

STEP 1 - Go Vertical

This is where you are going to get your height. And it is so very important in your arrangements and easy to accomplish. This could be a lamp, vase full of flowers, candlesticks or two tall objects that will differ slightly in size and shape.
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STEP 2 - Add Life

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Think plants, beautiful flowers, anything that brings life to your space.

STEP 3 - Something Horizontal

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– This piece will take up the biggest part of your surface space.
Think table runner, or my favorite a tray. It could also be books, or a decorated box. This helps “ground” your arrangement.

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Makes a big impact because of what it is. It can be personal or meaningful. Something that has some shape, it can be tall, it can be wide. 

Just think of something that really adds something interesting to your design.

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STEP 5 - Add another layer

…or something that leans or takes some space. This is the something that you can lay vertically or a great piece that adds another layer.

I love to use little quotes or sweet sayings!

These 5 simple elements done over and over will give you the tools, steps, to create and design any of your flat surfaces!

Happy decorating!


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